• By: Gabrielle Maston

    The Perfect Juice offers you an abundance of life-changing health benefits without havingto spend hours preparing healthy meals. It is a faster and more efficient way to absorbthe immune-boosting nutrients naturally found in fruits and vegetables.The ideal book to help you create tasty and nutritious drinks, you’ll also discover thescientific advantages...

    ISBN: 9781742577920

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  • By: Eleanor Shakiba

    Your people problems CAN be solved. You’re a competent professional. You excel at the technical side of your work. But so far no-one has taught you how to handle ‘difficult people’ or toxic team dynamics. That’s where this book comes in. 

    ISBN: 9781742578323

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  • By: Emily George

    The No Salt Cookbook is full of delicious recipes that use herbs and spices to add texture without compromising on taste.

    ISBN: 9781742578125

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  • By: Adele Blair

    There are 4 types of clutter found in every home: emotional, just-in-case, fad, and bargain clutter. Use Adele Blair's explanations to understand what type of 'clutterer' you are and help yourself to a clearer home and life. Adele Blair’s lifelong passion and flair for planning, problem solving and being the go-to girl for all things home and clutter led...

    ISBN: 9781742577869

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  • By: Luca Ciano

    Italian cuisine is all about exploring the seasonal delights of the different regions, each offering their own culinary specialties.

    ISBN: 9781742577722

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  • By: Ray Chesterton

    The Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles are the most-maligned rugby league club in Australia. Situated on Sydney’s trendy North Shore the Sea Eagles, as they are generally known, have been publically derided for decades for apparent ‘chequebook’ recruitment in search of premiership success. Originally known as the ‘bridesmaids’ of the League, the club finally...

    ISBN: 9781742578576

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  • By: Dr John Hart

    Dr John Hart Bd. Cert. WOSAAM, Bd.Cert. ABAARM, BMBS, BA, BAppSc, BPE Hons University Medal, MSptMed. Most people place more attention on taking care of their skin, their body weight, their job, home and pets, and ignore the most crucialorgan in their body. By working on a positive brain health balance, it is possible to increase your IQ as you age and...

    ISBN: 9781742578538

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  • By: Alice Vinten

    Enjoy the art of button craft with 50 creative projects in this step by step guide. The book includes a wide variety of crafting skills and techniques that range from simple projects for kids through to impressive home accessories for the craft enthusiast.

    ISBN: 9781742578255

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Another successful event for Rena Patten!

Another successful event for Rena Patten!

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Winner of the UK Best Photography Cookbook of the Year Award

Winner of the UK Best Photography Cookbook of the Year Award

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Book signing was a success!

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