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Susie Elelman (AM) is a versatile multimedia broadcaster. Author, TV presenter, radio host, reporter and producer are just some of the many hats she has worn throughout an impressive media career spanning four decades. Susie can currently be seen presenting segments on Studio 10 on the Ten and WIN Networks nationally.

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9781760790585 | Paperback | 308 pages

Have you had your fifteen minutes of fame?

Between the internet, social media and reality TV, fame is no longer reserved for a select few. All it takes is one viral video and you too can become a household name. But the entertainment industry is a ravenous beast, chewing up talent and disposing of careers on a daily basis. Along the way there are many hurdles to navigate: nepotism, favouritism, sexism, harassment, incompetence … the list is endless.

How then do you not just earn your fifteen minutes of fame, but turn it into a career? Having clocked up more than forty years in the media, Susie Elelman has done it all – beauty queen, radio host, TV star, charity champion and accomplished author. Working across every facet of TV and radio with many media greats, and interviewing the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Susie dishes out on the divas, bad boys and those who are just too precious to handle. Susie also shares her own story of hard work, tenacity and resilience that has seen her achieve much more than just fifteen minutes of fame.

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9781921024511 | Paperback | 239 pages

Still Half My Size details simple changes that I’ve discovered that can be easily implemented and incorporated into your life to immediately improve the way you look and feel. The aim of this book is not to tell you how to do anything ... but rather to show you ways that you can realistically achieve results, your way!

My first book Half My Size: The Thinking Person’s Diet was published in 2005 and detailed how I’d shed in excess of 50 kilograms and keep it off for 10 years. Since then it’s been an on-going effort on my part to try and maintain my weight and remain ‘Half My Size’. I share my steps to success in this new book and also the reasons behind the times when I didn’t succeed. Inside I’ve included key interviews and lots of exciting 21st Century scientific findings and discoveries that help explain so much more about weight management and why not all of it is within our control. But rest assured it can be.

You’ll learn what foods can change the chemicals in our brain to make it extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, for us to summon the willpower needed to not overindulge and in turn, to not shed the kilos nor keep them off. This book is not designed to get you to live like me. Quite the contrary! You will actually have more of a chance of succeeding if you do it your way. I examine why some of us overeat and what triggers overeating for me. We analyse your food fuel and what mix is best to keep your motor running at peak performance.

As well, I suggested some interesting ways to burn off your fuel intake so you look and feel good about yourself on both the inside and the outside!