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Jewish London
London has had a strong Jewish presence since the ...
The Springboks And The Holy Grail
This book is a must-have for the bookshelf of any ...

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Allotment Folk

Profiling the 'unique' obsessions and preoccupations of 40 British allotmenteers, young and old, this book dispels the myth that there's no more to allotments than home-grown vegetables, compost, weeding and an over-abundance of tomato seedlings. Each story is accompanied by revealing photographs of allotmenteer and his or her 'patch'.

Are They Your Underpants on the Conveyor?

Hilarious true tales from life on the road, in the air and down the back of the bus compiled by travel writer and travel professional Mark Sheehan. A hilarious romp around the world of travel, with true tales from both the back seat of the bus and the tour guide’s microphone. Travel guru Mark Sheehan brings together stories from all around the world of tour organizers and travelers, from the prestige to the backpacker. Guaranteed to extract a laugh out loud from even the most cynica

Audrey 100

'My own life has been much more than a fairy tale'. - Audrey Hepburn

One of the most beautiful women of the 20th century, style icon, actor, model, UNICEF patron, and so much more Audrey captured the imaginations of millions around the world with her famous unforgettable face and innate and inherent grace.

Photographed by most of the leading photographers of the day - Cecil Beaton, Hans Gerber, Norman Parkinson, Douglas Kirkland, among them - Audrey Hepburn's ima

Book of One Liners

This is a book chock-full of famous one-liners drawn from all walks of life including politics, entertainment, sport and science and includes the well known and the less well known. Over 1,000 enteries.

Cameron or Clegg Flick Book

A flickbook showing just how close our coalition leaders have become: flick the pages to watch David Cameron transform into Nick Clegg before his bewildered supporters' eyes, then turn the book over and flick  the other way to see Nick Clegg transform into David Cameron.

Cops and Crooks

Street cops inhabit a secretive world that few outsiders get to see. Beyond the high-speed pursuits, the shoot-outs and bloody crime scenes, there exists another world. A world of bored and mischievous cops who spend an entire shift dreaming up pranks to play on each other or unsuspecting citizens; lazy and incompetent cops whose efforts to avoid work are legendary; and accident-prone cops whom other police avoid because of their talent for causing chaos and pandemonium wherever they go. An

Don't Touch the Nuts... And other unwritten rules of the British pub

Whether it's the seat that's always saved for the local Old Boy, the decor that looks like it's been bought in a job lot from the 'heavy dark red fabric' shop, or the quiz team who insist on calling themselves 'Norfolk in Chance' for the hundredth time. British pubs follow a set of bizarre and baffling rules that are second nature to most pub fans but confuse the hell out of tourists.

Former GQ editor and pub aficionado Daniel Ford casts a light on these hidden rules and answer

F**king Animals: Horny rhinos and humping camels

This book features cute, fluffy, innocent little creatures doing the nasty. Up  trees, in bushes, out in the open - they're at it all over the place, the filthy  animals. It's as if they had no shame.

Rhinos with the horn, humping camels, wet beavers...&

Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance

Owning chickens is fast becoming the latest in metropolitan chic, proving that you don't need to live in the country to raise poultry. A great present for anyone already keeping chickens or those who are contemplating a flight from the city and a spot of rural self sufficiency, this idiosyncratically written book chronicles the endless pleasures and myriad pitfalls of chicken keeping.

How to Save the World by Recycling Your Sex Toys

Earth worship has replaced Christianity as the new religion in many Western countries. People now worry about their carbon footprint in the same way previous generations worried about their immortal souls. And like anything else that encourages people to become too earnest, the eco movement has set itself up as a prime target for lampoonery, hence this book! 
How to Save the World … is a fierce and funny satire on green grumbles. ‘Agony aunt&rsq

Living With A...Gangsta

What is this gangsta rap? And why is my teenager wearing more jewellery than Elizabeth Taylor? It can be hard, living with a Gangsta. His jeans are so loose he can only walk at a snailÔÇÖs pace and he canÔÇÖt speak without flinging his fingers around like heÔÇÖs suffering from early-onset ParkinsonÔÇÖs. HeÔÇÖs even started referring to your family home as his ÔÇÿcribÔÇÖ and finishes every sentence with ÔÇÿDÔÇÖya get me?ÔÇÖÔǪ Well, now, with the help of this book, you shall ÔÇÿgetÔÇÖ him! In the

Living With An Emo Kid

What is emo? And what has it done to my teenager? It can be hard, living with an Emo Kid. Permanently hidden behind their long black fringe, the most you get is a sullen, ÔÇÿLeave me alone,ÔÇÖ when you ask them how their day was. Constant misery seems to be their habitat and your every effort to show them that the world can be a sunny place is met with a wail of, ÔÇÿYou just donÔÇÖt understand me!ÔÇÖ Well, not any more, Emo Kid! Inside this book, you ÔÇô the parent, sibling or friend of an Emo K

Living With A Gamer

DonÔÇÖt try telling a Gamer to get a life ÔÇô heÔÇÖs addicted to computer games; he has thousands of lives. It can be hard, living with a Gamer. The constant sound of gunfire and unearthly screaming emanating from upstairs, the death-trap that is his bedroom (mass of electric wires + drawn curtains = sprained ankle), and the fact that his prowess at Grand Theft Auto makes him think he has the right to criticize your driving. Constantly. But thereÔÇÖs no need to call Game Over just yet, because a

Living With The Next Big Thing

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Next! Big! Thing! It can be hard, living with the Next Big Thing. A permanent round of drama classes, shopping expeditions and being expected to know the intricate details of Z-listers love lives. Not to mention trying to keep the Next Big Things mind on her GSCEs when all she cares about is superstardom. The hectic pace of life on the road to certain fame can be exhausting But dont go checking yourself into the Priory just yet (no matter how

London Shite: Quality Free Journalism

London Shite: Quality-Free Journalism' is the perfect book for anyone depressed by the stupidity of the British media. Armed with a satirical rifle and a humorous crossbow, the London Shite team maim and kill the twin beasts of broadsheet nonsense and tabloid toss with merciless precision. Irreverent and topical, London Shite is a witty parody of the media world, with a particular appetite for free newspapers, lifestyle supplements and meaningless advertising. Featured articles include: Simon Sc

Men and Sheds

This book is a quirky study of 40 British blokes and the personalities and passions hidden within their sheds, whether home to a milk bottle collection, a pub, cinema or chapel. Each story is accompanied by photographs of the shed-man, the inner sanctum and the customised exterior.

Moonwalk Thriller

A flickbook of two of the most famous dances on the planet - Moonwalk and Thriller. Flick the pages to watch the late great King of Pop slide across the dancefloor as he did in Billie Jean, then turn the book over and flick the other way to see MJ's iconic zombie dance from Thriller. 

Non PC World: The internet's best funnies

The internet is a rich and huge source of humour - home to some of the most hilarious jokes, photos and stories from around the world. But the fact that anyone and everyone can contribute means it's also full of a lot of dross. Luckily, this book has done all the work finding the gems and collects the very best of internet funnies together in one place.

Always funny, often shocking, Non PC World is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys forwarding silly pics (the bea

One Ginger Pele!

One ginger Pele, there's only one ginger Pele!

As the Tottenham supporters who came up with that one - sung to their ginger centre-back Gary Doherty - know, the devoted football fan is the 12th man; his vocal support can mean the difference between winning and losing. Whether it's giving support to your club or poking fun at other teams, fans, mascots or even innocent St John's Ambulance volunteers, there's nothing like singing along with your fellow fans to get the blood pump

Seriously Bad Album Covers!

Seriously Bad Album Covers! brings together the every worst of the previous two volumes along with a whole new gamut of bad jackets - a total of over 225 album covers whose sheer bad taste ensure they will have a place in the annals of music history for everyone. Accompanied by a fascinating potted history of some of the albums and artists, this book is sure to amuse both music buffs and design aficionados alike.

Shed Men

This book examines the phenomenon of sheds and sheddism, arguing that a bloke's shed begins where a boy's room leaves off. Featuring everything from a Mock-Tudor pigeon loft to a shed-based funeral directors, shed owners everywhere will feel completely at home. An ideal gift for blokes of all ages.

The Harder a Wife Works, The Cuter She Looks

"The Harder a Wife Works, the Cuter She Looks! celebrates a time of innocence, when advertisers could tell us any old garbage and we’d believe it. From the minor untruth – typewriters that make the working day so much fun (really?) – to the amazing claim – cigarettes that are recommended by doctors and electric corsets (ouch!) that promise the perfect figure – and featuring some that can’t ever have seemed a good idea &n

The Peanuts Collection

This beautifully illustrated treasury celebrates Peanuts, the much-loved comic strip which appeared for the first time in print 60 years ago on 2 October 1950.

The lavishly designed The Peanuts Collection tells the story of Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Woodstock and the host of other characters who made Peanuts one of the most famous and syndicated comic strips in the world.

Featuring more than 200 colour and black-and-white illustrations, original sketch

THE THINKING MANÔÇÖS IDIOT...The Wit and Wisdom of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson [is] known as the thinking manÔÇÖs idiot Humphrey Lyttelton on ÔÇÿIÔÇÖm Sorry I HavenÔÇÖt a ClueÔÇÖ Try as I might, I could not look at an overhead projection of a growth/profit matrix and stay conscious Boris on why he quit after a week as a management consultant HeÔÇÖs the sort of person who 200 years ago would have died aged 30 leading a cavalry charge into a volcano Frankie Boyle on Mock the Week It may be that the psychological effort needed to haul myself around into a more g

The Thursday Night Letters

See into the world of a true eccentric with this collection of hoax letters. The Thursday Night Letters is a selection of P K Munroe's correspondence with companies he's pitched his crazy ideas to, celebrities he's approached to endorse his products and the odd member of the royal family.

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